Wet Jigs

Redefining Material Separation Efficiency

Jigs are best suited for separation of material with differences in relative density. Offering advantages based on low capital and operating costs, coupled with high unit capacity and high efficiency, Jigs are applied to a wide variety of feeds, including aggregates, coal and base minerals and recycled materials.

Water jigs can be designed for any feed with a top size between 150 mm and 3 mm. Air jigs are more limited in the top size of feed that can be accepted, ranging from 60 mm to 3 mm.

High Unit Capacity

Achieve larger throughputs with less effort, optimizing your operational efficiency.

Smart Control

Control all machinery through iPad and Android devices.

Versatile Feed Range

Suitable for a diverse array of feeds, from aggregates and coal to base minerals and recycled materials.

Cost-Effective Solution

Benefit from low capital and operating costs, ensuring a great return on investment.

Feed Size Flexibility

Engineered to handle feed sizes ranging from 150 mm to 3 mm.

American Excellence

Designed, operated, and supported solely in the U.S., with domestically available replacement parts.

Lease or Purchase Options

Flexibility to either purchase from SSS or lease through our affiliate, The Jig Rental Company.

Animation: The Science Behind Our Wet Jigs

Curious about how our Wet Jigs deliver unparalleled efficiency? This animation walks you through each stage of the separation process, showcasing the unique features that set us apart.

Visualize the Innovation

Our Wet Jigs and Control Screens in Detail

Explore our gallery featuring close-up images of our state-of-the-art Wet Jig equipment along with screenshots of our intuitive control screens. Discover the quality and innovation that goes into every detail.

Hawaiian Cement Project

Innovating Aggregate Quality

Transforming Hawaiian Cement's Coarse Aggregate with Wet Jigs

At their Puunene Quarry, Hawaiian Cement faced a growing problem: pumice contamination was diminishing the quality of their coarse aggregate reserves.

They turned to Snoby Separation Systems’ advanced wet jig technology for a solution. As a result, clean, Grade A stone was effectively separated from waste material, enhancing both the product quality and overall resource efficiency.

Watch Our Self-Erecting Wet Jig Set Up in Just 5 Minutes

Mobility in separation technology has never been this efficient. With our transportable Self-Erecting Wet Jig, you have the freedom to move your operations seamlessly and be up and running in just 5 minutes.

Our transportable Self-Erecting Wet Jigs are available for purchase from SSS and for lease from The Jig Rental Company.

Unlocking New Horizons in Material Separation

If you’ve been searching for a high-efficiency, versatile solution for material separation, look no further. Our Wet Jigs offer the flexibility and performance you need.

Wet Jig Front View Above