Teeter Bed Separators

Unmatched Precision in Material Separation

Teeter bed separators make separations based on differences in settling velocities of the respective particles. Designed to provide high-quality separations based on differences in settling velocities, our units offer a versatile solution for a range of applications.

Controlled Settling

Achieve precise separations through the controlled, homogeneous up-flow of water.

Optimal Size Control

Ensure even distribution and size control of feed particles for maximum efficiency.

Consistent Outcomes

Count on consistent and reliable material separation thanks to a constant water flow.

Interested in Elevating Your Separation Process?

Are you looking to optimize your material separation methods?

With their advanced settling control, versatility, and eco-friendly design, these units are a perfect fit for businesses aiming for both efficiency and sustainability. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Teeter Bed Separator