Bucket Wheels

Redefining Material Separation Efficiency

Washing and classifying are the most important stages of processing. Coarse-grained material is already cleaned during screening.

For fine-grained materials like sand or grain mixtures, special washing, dewatering, and recovery systems are necessary. The STICHWEH washing and dewatering bucket wheel was specifically designed for this purpose.

The mixture of sand, gravel, and water is fed into the bucket wheel by a suction dredger, compressed-air dredger, floating grab, or preparation plant.

Solids are deposited in the bucket wheel tub and are excavated by the bucket wheel. The cups of the bucket wheel are equipped with special plastic screens of different gap widths.

A natural vacuum is created through the extended suction chambers, reducing the degree of dewatering to a minimum. In the tub, a number of adjustable overflow weirs are located, making it possible to obtain the finest sand or eliminate undesired fine sand.

Specialized Screens

Equipped with plastic screens of varying gap widths to cater to your material needs.

Adjustable Overflow Weirs

Allows for the winning of the finest sand or the elimination of undesired fine material.

Minimal Dewatering

Natural vacuum created to minimize the dewatering degree for optimal results.

Versatile Feeding

Compatible with various feeding systems like suction dredgers, compressed-air dredgers, and preparation plants.

Bucket Wheel Image Gallery

Visual Overview of Bucket Wheels

Browse our selection of images for a closer look at the engineering aspects of Stichweh Bucket Wheels. The gallery aims to present the robust construction and features that contribute to operational efficiency.

Bucket Wheels

From Dragline to Bucket Wheels: CalPortland's Efficiency Leap

CalPortland's Santosh Aggregates Plant in Oregon faced production bottlenecks and inefficient recovery using an older Marion walking dragline.

In search of an effective dewatering system for sand and gravel slurry, the company chose a bucket wheel system, finding Stichweh to be the leading provider with a wide array of models and custom solutions.

Stichweh’s tailor-made twin set of bucket wheels proved to be transformative for CalPortland. The new system not only doubled production rates but also captured fine sand down to 200 mesh.

A Closer Look at the Stichweh Bucket Wheel

STICHWEH Bucket Wheels stand out as the industry standard. The bucket wheels are meticulously designed to handle fine-grained materials like sand or grain mixtures, offering specialized washing, dewatering, and recovery solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Material Processing?

The complexity of washing and classifying fine-grained materials demands a system that you can rely on. Our STICHWEH Bucket Wheels offer industry-leading features that can make a measurable difference in your operation’s efficiency and end-product quality.

Bucket Wheels