Air Jigs

Elevate Your Separation Process with Air Jigs

Upgrade your separation process with our revolutionary Air Jigs, designed for optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Zero Process Water

Eliminates the need for water treatment, making your process more sustainable.

No Moisture Penalty

Your final product remains moisture-free, ensuring higher quality.

Optimized for Density Differences

Ideal for scenarios where there are significant density differences between the sink and float products.


Our Air Jigs are the green choice for your operation. Besides the absence of process water, we also include a dust collector that practically eliminates dust emissions.

Precision and Versatility

Our Air Jigs are engineered for precise separations involving discreet particles, offering you the adaptability you need for various applications.

Ready to Go Water-Free?

Looking for a separation solution that not only boosts your operational efficiency but also has zero water treatment costs and no moisture penalty?

Air Jig