Material Separation Equipment​

Comprehensive Range of Material Separation Technologies

Explore our diverse range of advanced Material Separation Equipment designed to meet the unique challenges of today’s industries. Upgrade your operation with cutting-edge technology that sets the standard in performance and durability.

Wet Jigs, or Baum Jigs, are best suited for separation of material with differences in relative density.

The STICHWEH washing and dewatering bucket wheel was designed for the special washing required for fine-grained material like sand or grain mixtures.

Snoby Separation Systems’ Self-Erecting Wet Jigs introduce portability and are available for lease or purchase.

Our air jig functions in a similar manner to our Baum Jig, except air is the fluid rather than water. 

Teeter bed separators make separations based on differences in settling velocities of the respective particles.

Drag scrapers are suited for dry and underwater extraction as well as river dredging and rescraping of not completely exploited flooded gravel pits.

Our engineered static screens are designed to optimize material separation processes across various industrial applications, ensuring robust, efficient, and reliable operations throughout.

Our technology-driven Processing Plants ensure optimal efficiency and unparalleled reliability, providing a robust foundation for your separation needs.