About Us

Snoby Separation Systems LLC

Snoby Separation Systems LLC is your trusted partner in specialized separation and dewatering solutions. Founded with a laser focus on the manufacturing of jig, teeter bed, and dewatering equipment, we have honed our expertise to offer cutting-edge solutions for an array of challenges in material separation.

Whether you are in primary mining, waste ore recovery, or any recycling industry, we have a tailored solution waiting for you.

Our Mission: Solving Complex Separation Challenges

Our mission is to deliver competitive, technical solutions that address both the theoretical and practical aspects of processing plant design and operation. We are not just manufacturers; we are problem-solvers committed to making material separation efficient, effective, and sustainable.

Our Specialties

Material Separation By Density and Size
Tailoring solutions that can segregate materials based on their physical characteristics.

Engineering Consulting
Providing invaluable insights from design phase to execution.

Coal Preparation & Waste Processing
Offering specialized services to make coal and waste processing efficient.

Shale Reduction from Sand & Gravel
Minimizing unwanted elements to improve product quality.

Coal Separation from Sand and Gravel
Expertise in segregating coal from other aggregates.

Pumice and Clay Removal
Providing services that focus on specific material separation.

Dewatering of Aggregate
Ensuring your aggregates are free from unwanted moisture.

Classification of Aggregate
Defining classes of aggregate based on quality.

Metal Recovery from Waste
Offering solutions to recover valuable metals from waste materials.

Our Services

Pilot Testing
Assessing project feasibility and outcomes with meticulous laboratory tests.

Spare Parts & Metric Jig Replacement Parts
Supplying essential parts for smooth operations.

Metric Stargate to SAE Conversion
Making equipment universally compatible.

Upgrade to USA Electrical Control Cabinets
Modernizing electrical systems for optimized performance.

Circuit Design and Plant Layouts
Planning your operation from the ground up.

Startups and Consulting
From the drawing board to the production line, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Ready to Elevate Your Material Processing?

We’re not just vendors; we aspire to be an integral part of your success. Our comprehensive range of services extends from the lab to the field, and through our affiliated companies, we can even lease and operate plants for you.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Come experience the Snoby Separation Systems difference!

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